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Divorce and Child Support

Divorce in a family is never an easy experience for anyone. Children and parents will go through many emotions before, during and after the divorce. You will have to help your child adjust to a new way of living.


It is important to talk to your child’s teachers or providers about what is happening within your family. They should be aware of any behavioral changes in your child. Caregivers should be available to offer emotional support to your child as needed.


When major changes occur at home, it can be a big help to your child to follow his or her familiar routines. It will be best for your child to stay in the same child care program, with the same teachers and friends.


Whatever your custody arrangements may be, your child will need support during the adjustment period and beyond. Talking with your children, reading children's and adult's books on the topic, and using counseling resources are some good ways to help yourself and your child.


Child Support

If you need help getting child support payments, you can contact the New York State Child Support Enforcement Bureau at 888-208-4485. More information and resources can be found on their website.


The United States Department of Health and Human Services has information about coping with divorce and child support payments.

Caregivers should be available to offer emotional support to your child as needed.