Medication Administration Training (MAT)

Keeping children safe and healthy is the goal of the parent and the child's caretaker. Despite the best care practices, it is inevitable that children will get sick. Parents and providers must work together to prepare for illnesses ahead of time. Are you, as a provider of child care, authorized to administer medications, if needed? Does your health care plan meet the needs of the children in your care? The answers to these questions are important.


At Child Care Council of Suffolk, our Health Care Consultants are available in our Education department as a resource for you and/or your program. As Registered Nurses, they are able to answer any questions you may have regarding health issues related to child care.


Our services include:

  • Resource & guidance for child care programs in Suffolk County that are approved to administer medications
  • Guidance on becoming a Medication Administration Training (MAT) certified provider
  • Signing on as your child care program’s Health Care Consultant of Record if you are administering medications and/or you have infants & toddlers in your program
  • Helping you complete your program’s Health Care Plan in accordance with current OCFS child care regulations
  • Technical Assistance related to child health & safety
  • Workshops & trainings including MAT, Emergency Medication Administration & other health related topics


You must be in compliance with the Health and Infection Control regulations if you choose to give medication to children in your care and you are a:
       Licensed family child care provider 
       Registered family child care provider 
       Child care center 
       Legally Exempt child care provider who receives state subsidized child care payments

What is Medication Administration Training (MAT)?

The MAT course is a skill-based training to help you administer medication safely in your program. The course includes 8 hours of training, a video training and hands-on demonstrations. The training provides: 
        An overview of medication effects 
        Ways to give both OTC and prescription medication
        The handling, storage and disposal of medication 
        Permission and instruction requirement 
        Preparation &administration techniques
        Asthma; emergency care, special situations and more
The MAT training certificate is valid for 3 years from date of course completion. After 3 years you can take an online renewal test to extend your certificate for another 3 year period.

How can you register for a MAT class?

The Child Care Council of Suffolk offers MAT classes 1-2x/month as 2-session trainings and we offer Daytime & evening classes. There are now 2 steps that must be completed to become registered for a MAT class:

Step 1.  Contact the Child Care Council Education dept. & ask to speak to one of the Health Care Consultants to find out the class schedules & complete our registration form, including payment for the class. We can take registration over the phone with a credit card, or we can email, fax or mail the schedule & registration form to you.

The member price for MAT is $150 & Non-member price is $200.

Step 2.  You now must also register for the class on the Professional Development Program (PDP) Portal.

You can find our MAT classes by logging into your Early Childhood Education Training Program (ECETP) account on the PDP website. The website link is:

If you do not already have an account you can create one by clicking on “My Registration” on the ECETP homepage. Once you create an account you will have a login & password so you can access all the classes & register for a MAT class online through this PDP portal.

Once payment for the class is received by the CCC of Suffolk you will be accepted into the class.

What is a MAT Rebate?
The MAT Rebate Program has funding available to help you with the cost of the course. Currently if you apply for the rebate after you complete the course you can obtain a $100 reimbursement. Visit the Professional Development Program website at or call 800-295-9616 for a rebate application.

How can my program become MAT-Approved?
Completing the MAT course is only part of what you need to become an approved medication administrant in your program. Click here for a Checklist for Providers to see all the steps needed to become a MAT approved provider/program.


**New Class Offering!!... Emergency Medication Administration Overview (EMAO)

If your program chooses to only administer Emergency Medications (Epinephrine Auto-injectors & Asthma Medications) providers can now take the OCFS approved Emergency Medication Administration Overview course. Check the CCC of Suffolk training calendar for training dates. You must also register on the PDP portal for these classes just as with the MAT trainings.

This is a 2.5 hour class & the fee is $40 for members & $80 for non-members.

For more information please contact a Health Care Consultant at 631-462-0303.


Click HERE for MAT class dates April & May 2018

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Click HERE for Documentation Guidelines for Writing Individual Health Care Plan
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