Help is Available for Eligible Families

Many families are not able to pay the full cost of child care. There are county programs that can help eligible families pay these costs. Child Care Council of Suffolk can help you to find more information about these income-eligible programs. Call us at 631-462-0303 and ask to speak to a Resource & Referral Specialist.


Suffolk County Subsidized Child Care for Eligible Parents

The Suffolk County Department of Social Services helps eligible parents pay all or part of their child care costs. Look for your family size in the following chart to determine your eligibility. Income level means the total amount of money you make each year before taxes are taken out. You must include any unearned income such as child support, SSI, Social Security Benefits, etc., in addition to wages (including tips, overtime, bonuses and commissions) in your calculation. If you reside with a spouse, the second parent or another person who is legally responsible for your child(ren), this income also must be included.


Suffolk County’s Income Eligibility Standards for Non-Temporary Assistance (Low-Income) Child Care Services (Effective 10/1/23 to 05/31/24)

Family Size       Income Level (Annual)*

2                              $67,490

3                              $83,370

4                              $99,250

5                              $115,130

6                              $131,010

7                              $133,988

8                              $136,965

9                              $139,943

10                            $142,920

*Your family must earn below the amount listed in order to quality for these benefits.


Your family must meet program eligibility criteria (have an approved reason of care) in addition to meeting income eligibility. This could include employment, an approved work activity, approved educational/training program, a teen parent (under age 20) who is attending high school, a foster parent who needs child care due to employment, etc.


The income eligibility standards for Transitional Day Care or Special Needs Child Care families are slightly higher than those in preceding chart. Please visit the Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS) webpage . You will find detailed information regarding program and income eligibility criteria, answers to frequently asked questions and a Child Care Eligibility Wizard where you can check your family’s program and income eligibility. You also will find the child care application, instructions for completing the application and all of the additional forms you will need to complete your application for a child care subsidy.