COVID-19 Updates

We are working to ensure that we continue to provide all up to date resources on COVID-19.  




Please be aware that child care programs are NOT being ordered to close.  Child Care is considered to be an essential function critical to enabling parents - especially our first responders, health care workers and direct care workers to go to work.  

  • The County Department of Health will make all decisions about closures related to COVID-19.   At this time, unless you have been informed by DOH to close, you can remain open.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR LICENSOR/REGISTRAR OF ANY CHANGES TO YOUR STATUS.  

  • Only OCFS can approve a waiver of any regulations.  To request a waiver, please contact your licensor or registrar.


If you have a question or concern about possible contact with

COVID-19, please contact the County Department of Health or 311.