COVID-19 Updates

We are working to ensure that we continue to provide all up to date resources on COVID-19.  






  * Child Care Grants Now Available (English & Spanish Information Sessions and Grant Link) 8.5.21


  * Updates and Employment Opportunities 7.14.21 

  * Essential Workers Scholarship (Reapply and new application links) June 23, 2021

  * Vaccine Survey for Providers 6.9.21

* Webinar for FDC/GFDC OCFS Covid-19 Guidance Review 6.7.21 (6:30-7:30 pm or 6.9.21 (7:00-8:00 pm)

* Webinar for DCC/SACC OCFS Covid-19 Guidance Review 6.9.21 (1 PM)

  * Webinar for Parents: Vaccine Updates  5.17.21

  *EAC Network Project Hope- Espanol 

  * EAC Network-Project Hope

  * Child Care Council of Suffolk Newsletter 3.8.21 (Updates & Resources)

  * 2-part PPP workshop (zoom) 3.3.21 AND 3.9.21 (Must register & attend both)

  * Child Care Council of Suffolk Newsletter 1.20.21 (Updates and Deadlines)

   * Advocacy Days 2021

  Happy New Year 2021

  * 12.4.20 Important CARES Deadlines

  * 11.18.20 CARES Scam Alert

  * 11.5.20 Child Care Council Newsletter

  * 10.29.20 Child Care Council of Suffolk Newsletter: Essential Workers Child Care Scholarship

  * 10.27.20 Child Care Council of Suffolk Newsletter: CACFP Mandatory Webinar (Nov 4), CARES Update, Early Voting 


Please be aware that child care programs are NOT being ordered to close.  Child Care is considered to be an essential function critical to enabling parents - especially our first responders, health care workers and direct care workers to go to work.  

  • The County Department of Health will make all decisions about closures related to COVID-19.   At this time, unless you have been informed by DOH to close, you can remain open.  PLEASE INFORM YOUR LICENSOR/REGISTRAR OF ANY CHANGES TO YOUR STATUS.  

  • Only OCFS can approve a waiver of any regulations.  To request a waiver, please contact your licensor or registrar.


If you have a question or concern about possible contact with

COVID-19, please contact the County Department of Health or 311.