MARCH 17- 23, 2019 

Celebrate National CACFP Week!! 


CACFP Week is a national education and information campaign sponsored annually, every third week of March, by the National CACFP Sponsors Association. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of how the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program works to combat hunger. The CACFP brings healthy foods to tables across the country for children in child care centers, homes, and afterschool programs, as well as adults in daycare. VISIT TODAY... 



-Get Online

Social and digital media is one of the fastest avenues to create awareness. Update your Facebook profile picture and cover image. Tweet each day about the program and what it means to you. Add the CACFP Week email signature. Include a link to CACFP Week on your website.

- Get Out in the Community 

Many people have no idea that a program like the Child and Adult Care Food Program even exists. Let’s change that. Post fliers where they will get noticed. Think coffee shop, gas station, elementary schools, grocery store, or community center.

- Talk to Parents 

Parents have a choice in who they chose for child care. Many parents will go to other parents for recommendations. Make sure all your parents know what the program is, why you participate, and how the CACFP is an indicator of quality child care. Ask them to share with friends and family. 

-Take it to the Decision Makers 

The CACFP is funded by the federal government through the USDA, therefore without the support and acknowledgment of state and federal officials, there may not be a program. Write a thank you letter to legislators. Send a request to the Governor to proclaim National CACFP Week statewide. 

To learn more and Take the CACFP Challenge click here