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Parents  >  Checklists  >  Medication Administration Requirements

Medication Administration Requirements




If your child is in a child care setting and takes medication regularly or at times when ill...


Your child care provider…

  • MUST be MAT (Medication Administration Training*) certified
  • MUST have MAT* Certification EVEN to administer over the counter (OTC) medications, i.e., Tylenol, Robitussin, etc…
  • MUST be at least 18 years old
  • MUST have current CPR certification covering the ages of children in the program & have First Aid Training

If they are NOT MAT certified they may only administer

  • Topical ointment, topical insect repellant & sunscreen.

For answers to your questions or concerns about these

New York State Regulations, contact….


Helene Aronson, R.N



Susan Teeman, R.N.



Phone: 631-462-0303

Providers must have Medication Administration Training in order to give medicine to children in their care