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Some towns have a greater supply of child care than others. You may have to extend your search to nearby towns, or areas closer to work.


Many parents want their child to be with a provider close to their job. This makes it easier to get there quickly in an emergency. They can also drop in and visit during their lunch hour. In this case you may want to search for providers along the route you drive to work.


Other parents want their child to be with a provider close to home. This means that the child will not have a commute in the car at the beginning and end of each day. This is especially important if you use public transportation to get to and from work.  This option also reduces the amount of time a child spends in a car or on public transportation during bad weather.


If you plan to use your school district's transportation, your child must be in a child care program within your school district. Check with your school to find out their policies on picking up and dropping children off at different locations.




If you are relocating to another state, or happen to be moving to another city within your state, many issues come up in finding child care. Some suggestions include:

  • Start your search as soon as you know that you will be relocating. Child Care Council of Suffolk can give you child care referrals for all of Suffolk County, New York. Go to Child Care Aware to find a Resource and Referral Agency in your area.
  • Call to talk with providers who you think might be appropriate. Make appointments to visit these providers when you are visiting the new city for business, or to check out housing.
  • Talk to everyone you may know in the new area to find information on local child care options.
  • Talk with your real estate broker about groups for newcomers in town that could give you some additional child care ideas
Some parents want their child to be with a provider close to home, others prefer their child be near them at work