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Complaint Policy

Child Care Council of Suffolk strives to ensure that all clients are satisfied with our agency.  Clients are always advised to contact the Council if they are unhappy with their referrals, if they have a problem with any of our educational materials, our website or any of our staff. Please call us at 631-462-0303 if you have any questions or concerns about our services.


We are always happy to receive your comments about our work. It is useful for us to know when we have done a good job, as well as when things have gone less well. We hope you have been fully satisfied with our services, but if you do have a complaint, we want to hear from you. We will take your complaint seriously, and will address it and respond to it as quickly as possible.


You can send us your comments or complaints, which will be kept confidential, by telephone, email or mail. Clicking on the Staff tab will bring you to a complete list of all department directors and staff, along with their contact information. It is best to direct your comments to the director of a department. You can also send your comments or questions on the form on the bottom of the Contact Us page.


To help us look into your complaint, please give us as much information as possible when you contact us:

  • A clear description of the complaint and what service you were unhappy with.
  • Your telephone number and email address if you have one.
  • Whether this is your first complaint or a follow-up to a reply you were not happy with.

We will respond to your complaint within two working days. We will let you know what we are going to do and when you can expect a full reply. When we contact you, we will also tell you what you can do if you are not satisfied with our reply. The Executive Director or Assistant Director of the Council will be told about the problem. They will provide additional help to resolve the issue.

Complaints about referral services:


When parents are given referrals they are advised to contact us again if they need additional referrals or assistance.

  1. If a client indicates that she is dissatisfied with our service or has not yet found child care, the reason for the problem is determined and documented. If at all possible a counselor will work with the parent at the time of the compliant in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Follow up contacts are made as needed.
  2. If the problem is that the child care referrals did not meet the parent’s needs, the counselor will review those needs and check the referrals that were given. If the referrals were not appropriate, new referrals are given. If the referrals were appropriate, but the parent was not happy with them, the possibility of expanding the search criteria is discussed and a new search for additional referrals is done.
  3. If it becomes evident that care was not found because of a lack of child care providers in the required area, an outreach to recruit providers in that area is planned.
  4. Providers are encouraged to adjust their programs to accommodate the needs of the community. Example: earlier or later hours, accepting county payments or accepting special needs children.
  5. A parent counselor will follow up with either a phone call or an email to ensure that the client has had no further problems.

 Complaints about a specific counselor or general service:

  1. If a client calls with a complaint about our general service or a specific counselor, the call is directed to the Deputy Director. A Complaint Intake is completed and the problem is discussed with the client.
  2. If the client states that they did not receive a call back, research is done to determine why. All phone logs are checked to see when a message was left, and whether or not a return call was made. Often the call back will have been made and a message left on an answering machine that was not received. If this is the case an apology is made and the client is assisted immediately. If the client’s message was never received or inadvertently overlooked, an apology is made and the client is assisted immediately. The department will subsequently review the call back policy to ensure that it is working properly and institute any changes that we feel are necessary.
  3. If a client complains that they did not receive their email referrals after speaking with a parent counselor, their records are checked to determine when the referrals were emailed. We inform the client of when the emails were sent, and ask them to check their spam, bulk or junk mail folders. If they cannot locate the email we re-send it and tell the client to either check these folders again. We suggest that they put the domain childcaresuffolk.org on their safe list. We also offer to either mail or fax the referrals to the client.
  4. If a client has a complaint about a specific staff member, the call is directed to either the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of Resource & Referral. A Complaint Intake is completed and the cause of the dissatisfaction is determined. The Coordinator will make every effort to assist the client and assure them that the problem will not happen again. The Coordinator will then speak with the staff member in question about the situation. It will be made clear that client satisfaction is of the highest priority. If a counselor has a problem dealing with a client, it is recommended that the call be passed on to the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator of the department. If the client is still not satisfied, the Deputy Director of the agency will speak with her in order to resolve the problem.
  5. Finally, the Complaint Intake is filed in a complaint folder in the R&R department.


We are always happy to receive your comments about our work