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Communicating with Parents

The way that you communicate with parents and children plays an important role in how you develop and maintain your relationships with them.


Daily conversation with parents allows you to build trust with families. It also allows for an exchange of information about a child. These daily check-ins may include:

  • How the child’s day went
  • How the child slept that night
  • Whether a parent is traveling on business that week
  • Whether or not the child took a nap that day

Serious problems should be discussed in a private meeting. A parent-provider conference can be set up if there are significant problems or issues to discuss.


There are many ways to communicate daily with parents, other than the quick check-ins that take place in the morning and afternoon. Some ideas include:

  • Bulletin boards listing daily activities for each age group
  • Lunchtime visits
  • Open-door visitation policy for parents
  • Daily journals or logs for parents on each child
  • A weekly or monthly newsletter for each age group
  • Notes or phone calls between parents and providers, as needed
  • Emails to parents at home and/or work
  • Volunteer opportunities for parents
Daily conversation with parents allows you to build trust with families