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Camp Checklist

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(Print one for each camp you visit)


Name of Camp____________________________________________________


The Program

Is the camp registered by the Suffolk County Department of Health?__________

Has a permit been issued? ______ 

The Department of Health requires two inspections per year. Request to see the latest report.

Will the camp provide references? ____________________________________  

How many years has the camp been in business? _______________________   

How long has the director been in charge? ______________________________

What are the qualifications and experience of the director and the counselors?


What is the staff/camper ratio? _______________________________________

What is the age range for counselors? _________________________________

What is the quality of instruction? _____________________________________

How will a camper who is unhappy or breaks the rules be handled? __________


Are swimming instructors certified in water safety by the American National Red Cross or its equivalent? _____________________________________________

Is the schedule predetermined or elective? ______________________________

Is there a balance of activities? _______________________________________

Are there recognitions of individual differences? __________________________


The Facility

Is the environment inviting? __________________________________________

Are the buildings and grounds well kept? _______________________________

What equipment do they have, and is it kept in good condition? _____________


What activities are planned for rainy days? ______________________________


If it is a "sleep-away" camp, how many children are in a bunk, and how many counselors? ______________________________________________________



Are activities with potential hazards well supervised? (crafts, archery, horseback riding, etc.)_________________________________________________________

Do sports participants wear protective equipment? ________________________

Are children educated in fire safety procedures? (fire drills, cook-outs, etc.)_____

Are there protective barriers against heavily trafficked areas and natural hazards? (cliffs, swamps, etc.)_____________________________________________

Is the property treated for tick and other insect infestation? ________________

Is there a doctor/nurse on-site or on call? _______________________________

Is there an emergency plan, and will they provide you with a copy? __________

How are meals prepared and/or refrigerated? ____________________________



What do the quoted fees cover? ______________________________________

Are there any additional fees? For what? _______________________________

When are deposits due? ____________________________________________

Is there a discount for early registration? ________________________________

Is there a written contract? ___________________________________________

Is there a cancellation/withdrawal/sick child policy? _______________________

Is there a payment plan option? _______________________________________

Does the camp accept credit cards? ___________________________________

Are there discounts for siblings? ______________________________________


Protecting children is everyone’s job.

If you have a concern about a child care program,call the Long Island Regional Office of Children and Family Services at 631-240-2560.


Camps should have a variety of age appropriate activities, and plenty of supervision