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About Us



The Parent Leadership Initiative program began more than 20 years ago in the Town of Huntington. It has been successfully copied in the Towns of Southampton, Islip, Babylon, and Brookhaven.




  • PLI is designed to prepare parents from different ethnic and economic backgrounds to assume leadership roles in their community.
  • Parents come together for a 16 to 20 week program. They explore interests, strengths, and ideas. Then they work together to develop interpersonal and public communication skills. They also gain an understanding of how to work with government, media, and civic groups.
  • Parents guide the program. They take part in deciding what to work on, and evaluating their progress. Each graduating class then guides the next class. This creates a growing group of parents who work to improve their communities. PLI addresses important child care issues such as health, quality schooling and neighborhood safety.
  • PLI provides dinner and child care for all participants.
  • PLI is funded from different foundations and donations





    Parent Leadership Initiative is offered in the following communities:

    *Huntington, Southampton, Islip, *Babylon and Brookhaven


    *Huntington and Babylon are certified National Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) sites that follow a PLTI curriculum and is a 20 week program.  

  • PLI is based on the idea that the family is the heart of the community